Let's go!

So, today's the day of my departure. My bags are packed and my room is cleaned, I said goodbye to most of my friends and I'm finally ready to take off. Or almost. At the moment I'm not that nervous, but yesterday evening I had a bit of a crisis. But then I think about all the good expieriences that I will have in Ireland, and then I calm myself. My flight is about to leave at 9:10pm and so there are a few hours left to do the things I still need to.

My family, my best friend and my boyfriend will accompany me to the airport, where I will get a few more infos of EF and then I will finally enter into the airplane which will lead me to the "Emerald Isle". Well, you all know that there are a few more annoying stopovers 'til I'm there, like the customs check and the waiting for my baggage.. But it'll be alright :) 

So I'll report to you as soon as I arrived well. ;)

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    Tim (Mittwoch, 10 September 2014 19:36)

    I give you a "High Five"!
    Great blog!!!