Happy, happy, happy :)

Hi everyone J

Recently I finally wrote with my host mother! She told me a lot about her family’s lifestyle and so on. They have two dogs but I don’t have any photos yet… Orlagh, the youngest daughter goes to the same class as me and I think that’s really great because you’re not alone at the beginning. My host mother Mary is teaching music at my school and she told me that there is always music in the house and a lot of pupils of her are in the house during the day. She even offered me to teach me how to play the piano and of course I immediately agreed because I’ve always wanted to learn it!

I mentioned in my first blog post that I’ll live there with another exchange student and Mary told me that her name is Cristina and that she’s a Spanish girl. This is also so brilliant because I’m learning Spanish in school at the moment and maybe she’s going to learn me a bit more of this language ;)

Mary also informed me about the subjects I have to take. I have to do maths, English, and French or German (of course I’ll take French) and then I can choose which sciences (history, geography, biology etc.) I want to do. I think it is a better school system than that in Switzerland. The students will probably be more motivated to do something when they can choose which classes they want to visit… But enough of that!

My host family also told me that they live a bit outside the town so I have to take the bus to school. Another great experience ;)

However, I’m looking forward to it like I’ve never done before! Only the fact that I have to leave my boyfriend Kevin at home for a year isn’t that positive.. We’re together for seven months today and I really can’t imagine how to survive this year without him. But I think and hope that we’ll get through that. He said that he’s going to visit me in spring.

But now we’re enjoying the time that’s left. J


So enough for today J Sleep well, write you soon.


This is the website of my school :)

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