Hey! :)

I’m Sara and I’m from Switzerland. I started this blog because I’m going to spend a High School Exchange Year in Ireland. A lot of my friends are a bit astonished when I tell them that I’ll go to Ireland and ask why to Ireland and not in the USA. The answer to this question is that I just love this island. I’ve never been there but all I heard or seen of it was just great! I like green landscapes and the Irish culture and friendliness. I think an exchange year in Ireland is so much more special than one in the USA. Everyone is going to the USA and there’s nothing special about it anymore. But enough of that J Now I’m going to tell you something about me and the exchange process itself.


I’m sixteen years old and I live in a village near to Bern. I visit the Gymnasium Burgdorf and my main subject is Spanish. I really like learning new languages and because of that I’m learning English, French, Spanish and Russian at the moment. This is also a reason why I want so spend a year abroad.  About one and a half year ago I decided to go to Ireland with the organisation EF. (www.ef.com) First I was on a Information Meeting and there I filled out a formulary to get more information. A few days later I signed up and EF sent me about 11 pages to fill out. I had to write down things about my free time, school, family, behaviours and so on. And after that, the waiting began. Because I signed up that early it took so much time until I got further information.

And a few weeks ago I finally received the information about my host family! I was so happy and screamed around. ;) I’ll go to Tuam Co Galway that’s in the middle west of Ireland. I’ll live in a family with a single mother and three children. One of them, the oldest daughter, doesn’t live at home anymore because she’s studying. The other daughter is one year younger than me and the son is one year older.  They have dogs and  I’ll live there with another exchange student. I can’t wait until I’m with them!

I wrote them twice but they didn’t answered yet… Hope they will soon J

 My school is a girl school with uniforms, and I’m so happy about that! Okay, it would have been fun if there were also boys, but I think it is something new! And because there are uniforms you don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning and all look the same so you can’t discriminate someone because of her clothes or something like that.

 I’ll write when I’ve got more information J

This is the village in which my host family live. :)


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    Tori Maier (Freitag, 13 Juni 2014 18:40)

    I love your Blog. It´s full of Information.:)
    I received the information about my host Family yesterday and I screamed around too:))

    Could you pleas give me some tips on how you made your blog because I want to start one aswell.

    Thx. Before Tori.

    Ps. Ich hab meine Nachricht auf Englisch geschrieben, weil es so besser zu deinem Bolg passt:))

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    Sara Winkler (Samstag, 14 Juni 2014 11:59)

    Hey Tori :)
    I'm glad that you like my blog :) I made it with the programm Jimdo. You can go to jimdo.com and there you can create your own website. It is a bit complicated to choose the design and so on but after a while it gets easy ;) Then you have a sign on the right side of your website which is called "Blog" and there you can write posts :)
    It isn't that complicated and you can find some instructions on Google ;)
    Where do you spend your High School Exchange Year?

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    Tori Maier (Montag, 16 Juni 2014 17:59)

    I´m going to spend my exchange in Idaho (USA) but in my case it starts in jan. so I have still got to wait for quite a long time:)