The Adventure started...

This was my group on the Preparation Weekend.

I'm the girl on the right side next to our group leader. The two guys on the left are Charles and Edie.

Hi everyone!

So this is my first blog post, and I first want to tell you something about last weekend. I was in the Lenk im Simmental, in Switzerland and we had there a Preparation Weekend from EF. There were about 200 students who will spend a High School Exchange Year in Ireland, the UK or the US. We were separated into small groups of about 20 students, in which we’ve done some workshops. They were about our expectations, how to deal with homesickness or culture shock and so on. I was in group green, appropriate for Ireland ;) Our group leader Tim spent his exchange year in the US a few years ago and together with other ambassadors (former EF exchange students) he told us a lot about his experiences. There were also two IEC’s  from Ireland. An IEC (International Exchange Coordinator) is the closest attachment figure after the host family during the Exchange Year. That means when we have a problem that we can’t talk about with our host family

we can always talk to him or her. Charles and Edie are a married and they also host exchange students. They told us some things about the Irish culture, school system and behaviour.

On Saturday evening there was an “EF @ Night” party ;) All groups had to prepare a small performance during the day and my group prepared a bit of Irish dance :D it was really funny trying it out but in the end we just had a few seconds in which we at least tried to dance irish but it was a lot of fun! :D


The whole weekend lasted from Friday afternoon until Sunday midday. On Friday we had an Orientation Meeting together with our parents. We’ve got again a lot of information but most of them we already knew. But know I finally know my departure date: the 9. August 2014 :D The whole thing is coming closer and closer and I’ve got the feeling that with this Preparation Weekend my Exchange Year REALLY started.. J

I’ve also got a really cool t-shirt and two bags from EF è picture


 So I’ll write if I got more information about my exchange year J Have a nice day!

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